Writing with Kristina Lao

Kristina Lao is a very talented singer/songwriter. She paid me a visit a couple of weeks ago and somehow, we just drifted into writing a song called ‘I’m Here’ (visit the music page to hear).

I’ve know Kris since her days in musical theatre in Brighton, then a move to Hong Kong and study Music and her move to London. Her next stop is world domination and she can do it! She is energetic, enthusiastic, creative and funny and a way with lyrics that make them drip off your tongue like honey!

We intend to write together in the near future

The Piano Player Does Not Do Requests

I wrote the music for a radio play by Chris Paling, Music and Words; The Piano Player Does Not Do Requests. It’s a charming story about a man who returns to his home town after a decade, to see if there is a future for him and the girl he left behind.

The pub had a mysterious pianist who played these pieces throughout in the background. It’s nice to do something diegetic for a change…
It was directed by Celia de Wolff for Pier Productions.

Check my music page to hear the two pieces.

Varndean Community Choir

As part of the Adult Education programme at Varndean College I run a choir on Wednesday evenings. It currently has about 14 members and we do arrangements of mainly popular songs.

Last night, 26th March 2013, we took part in a concert in the college along with the students from the Sixth Form. We did three songs; The Tide Is High, Strawberry Fields Forever and Chasing Cars. The first was a capella. When the backing track started for Strawberry Fields Forever, lasted about 30 seconds and then the CD died! The choir were completely unfazed and we finished the whole song with out backing - and it worked! Chasing Cars we sang round the keyboard while I played. Just the good ole days; “we used to make outré own entertainment back then”!

I’m very proud of them all. A great bunch of people who really show the commitment each and every week - they certainly keep me on my toes!

Well done Choir! See you in the new term.

An Ideal Man

I am finally working on something that I’ve always wanted to do and never really had the chance -- I’m writing a musical!

It’ll be put on sometime in 2014 (I hope) and I’m actually scripting it myself as well as writing the music. I’ve never scripted before but I like a bit of a challenge. The first draft of the script is now complete.

I’ve decided to do an adaptation of An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde - you can’t go wrong with a bit of Oscar! It’ll be updated to modern day; working title - An Ideal Man.

I’m sure this is going to take a while so I’ll let you know how it’s going.